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Futterkrämerei Seed Mixes/Supplementary Feed

Futterkrämerei Seed Mixes/Supplementary Feed

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1) Dwarf Hamster Menu WITHOUT Grass Seed (Dwarf) NO PROTEIN Exp:1/24

This mix is perfect for all dwarfs who don't like grass seeds, but is otherwise not significantly different from the normal dwarf hamster menu. This menu consists of 92% seeds and 8% herbs, leaves and flowers .

Buckwheat, canary seed, plata millet, silver millet, red millet, Senegal millet, manna millet, Japanese millet, green millet, milo, dari, safflower, niger seed, camelina, linseed, milk thistle seed, sesame, calendula, cress seed, clover seed, red clover blossom, turnip rape, leaves*, dill stalks , Celery Stalks, Hemp Seeds, Perilla, Alfalfa Seeds, Carrot Seeds, Spinach Seeds.

2) Campbell Menu WITH PROTEIN (Diabetic Prone/Overweight campbell dwarf) Exp:12/23

This menu was tailored to the special needs of Campbell dwarf hamsters, which are particularly at risk of diabetes. Since obesity can also lead to diabetes, we have also put together a calorie-conscious mix here. It contains less millet, but lots of grass seed and healthy buckwheat. This makes this mixture an ideal diet food for all other overweight chubby cheeks.

This menu consists of 90% seeds and 10% herbs, leaves and flowers .

Buckwheat, canary seed, grass seed, silver millet, plata millet, red millet, Japanese millet, sesame, milk thistle seed, safflower, niger seed, hibiscus, cress seed, manna millet, clover seed, linseed, pink cornflower, arugula seed, leaves*, dill stalks, celery stalks, camelina, blue poppy, lucerne herb , hemp seeds, fennel seeds.

3) Roborowski Menu WITH PROTEIN Exp:10/23

Roborowski is not particularly susceptible to diabetes and can therefore eat grain and vegetables without any problems. This menu consists of 85.5% seeds , 7.5% vegetables and 7% herbs, leaves and flowers.

Buckwheat, grass seed, barley, canary seed, silver millet, oat kernels, plata millet, red millet, paddy rice, spelt, green millet, Japanese millet, linseed, safflower, unripe spelt, clover seed, pumpkin cubes, turnip rape, milk thistle seed, sesame, hemp seed, parsnip, blue cornflower, broccoli , zucchini cubes, fennel seeds, leaves*, dill stalks, celery stalks, niger seed, sunflower leaves, lucerne herb, carrot seeds.

4) Vegetable and Herb Pots Exp:11/23

Guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, mice and rats love vegetables! 6 types of vegetables and 3 different herbs provide the basis for healthy snacking pleasure.**Not suitable for pregnant animals, as parsley stalks are said to have a labor-inducing effect!!**

Feeding recommendation: In small amounts as a supplement to the main food.

Beetroot, zucchini, broccoli, pumpkin, parsnip, dill stalks, spinach stalks, tomato, parsley stalks.

5) Vegetable Cube Egg Exp:2/24

A light vegetable mixture with only small cubes and flakes - ideal for mixing in with main feed mixtures!

Broccoli cut, pumpkin, zucchini, red pepper, parsnip, parsley root, green pepper, tomato.

Feeding recommendation: In small amounts as a supplement to the main food.

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