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Sleep and Scurry

Futterkrämerei Nibbles

Futterkrämerei Nibbles

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FutterKraemerei Nibbles

1) Jerusalem Artichoke Exp: 6/23

Jerusalem artichoke stems are the dried stalks of the Jerusalem artichoke plant, an underground tuber with stems up to 2m tall. The handles are relatively soft and can therefore also be processed very well by less experienced gnawing monsters.

The pieces are approx. 14 cm long and have everything from a few mm to 1.5 cm in diameter.

feed materials

2) Carob Exp: 1/24

3) Dandelion Root (Small) Exp: 1/24

Small pieces of dandelion, ideal to mix into the food as a crunchy ingredient or to feed from the hand as a small goodie.

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